MCCA & Salinas Valley Fair Ranch Rodeo – January 14, 2018

Henry Martinus was born June 24, 1936 and passed away on January 5, 2013.  His parents were Jan Henry Martinus and May Martinus of Lockwood.  His siblings, in order of birth, were Berta, Phillip, Paul, and  Mary Nichholene Martinus.

Henry graduated from San Antonio Union Grammar School and then King City High School in 1954.  He then joined the Navy with his good friend Ellis Roth.  After being discharged from the Navy he enrolled at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, to Agricultural Engineering.  Two years later, he married the pretty and talented Sally Thwaits from King City.   The young couple made their homes in Lockwood and Cayucos, working and going to school.  During this time two sons were born, Jan and Tom Martinus.

With his diploma in hand, it was time to  begin a serious career as a Rancher in Lockwood.  He worked hard for Pacific Valley Cattle Company, that was created by his father (Jan), Chet Behen and Ivrin Bray, along with working for Martinus and Martinus Farming/Cattle Company.   This was the life he loved best.

Henry and Sally built a home in Lockwood and they had another son, Eric Martinus.  Henry then added a trucking business to his workload.

Henry’s oldest son, Jan and Annette (Grigory, San Ardo) have three sons:  Henry, Jace and Travis.   Son, Tom and Mary Ann (Bassetti, Greenfield), have twin sons:  Sam and Luc.  The youngest son, Eric and Tricia (Acosta, King City), have two sons:  Jonah and Jan Thomas.

Henry was elected President of the Monterey County Cattlemen’s Association in 1977.

As a way to make money for the Association, there was a meeting held at Pozzie’s Stampede in King City.  Henry, along with Francis Echenique, Gene Mattos, Ron Bernard, Allan Wallace, Jimmy Carter and  Mike Mallory,  decided to put on a Ranch Rodeo (Which I think was the first of its kind in the Central part of California).

The group of Cattlemen, along with the help of the Cow Bells  (Now Cattlewomen) decided to put on the  first Monterey County Ranch Rodeo.  The Ranch Rodeo was held on Sunday and Teaming Roping on Saturday.  There was a BBQ and dance, along with a Calcutta on Saturday night for the Sunday Ranch Rodeo.  Roy Gianonlini was the auctioneer, which many teams bought over $1,000.  The teams came from San Benito, Monterey, and San Luis Obispo Countys.

Henry delegated each person a job.  Francis was in charge of the  donations from merchants and in charge of the BBQ.  Allen Wallace was in charge of the North County Donations.  The donations provided the nicest Buckles and Saddles for the  winners of events and the All Around.  For the roping events, Gene Mattos was in charge of working the ground of arena.   Ron Bennard was in charge of the Roping.  Grady Lafferty was the announcer (Stay in the buggy boys).  Nealer Pryor was the flagger.  Becky Tully was in charge of the entries.  Kenneth Eade donated the cattle.  On Sunday many of the Cattlemen and Cattlewomen donated their time to help.

Since then, this has become an annual event, usually in late September now in January.  The Ranch Rodeo has helped raise money for the Association and provide an exciting time for local Cattlemen and Cattlewomen.  This all started in Thanks to Henry Martinus and all of the help he had.

DOWNLOAD 2017 RANCH RODEO INFORMATION (PDF packet includes the order of events, SVF Ranch Rodeo rules, Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement, and MCCA & SVF Ranch Rodeo Entry Form)